About Brough and Whicher

Brough & Whicher Limited, located in Wiarton Ontario, is one of the oldest truss manufacturers in Canada, starting operation in 1960.  Trusses at that time were built with plywood gusset plates.

Brough & Whicher now has the most advanced equipment available from design to fabrication so that you can be assured that the trusses we build today are as accurate and reliable as possible.  We will continue to supply you with the quality of products you would expect for your projects, whether it be commercial, agriculture or residential.


In 1963, Alan Whicher purchased a roller gantry to build trusses, which involved the use of metal connector plates, the forerunner of the connectors used today.

In 1970, Alan Whicher and several other Truss Plant Operators formed the Ontario Wood Truss Fabricators Association, a body that today represents truss fabricators all across the province, with the mandate to improve truss quality, compliance with new building code requirements, promote advances in new truss techniques from design to installation, support colleges and universities with projects and technologies that will ensure the advancement of the truss industry in the future.